September 24 & 25, 2021

Envisioning the Future of Food & Society

4 student cohorts

1 faculty cohort

23 schools

7 countries

Program Overview

This  summit  provided  participants  with  the  opportunity  to explore  their  relationship  with  food  and  learn  key  concepts around  food  justice.  They  explored  how  their  daily  decisions can  impact  their  communities  and  society  as  a  whole. 

Over  the  course  of  7  synchronous  hours,  participants  had the  chance  to  learn  from  guest  speakers  representing  a variety  of  organizations  that  are  currently  working  towards achieving  a  more  just  and  sustainable  world.  All  of  them  are changing  the  patterns  of  food  production  and  consumption.

During  the  Meaning  Building  Activity,  participants  engaged with  the  concept  of  Food  Sovereignty  and  got  to  envision how  sovereignty  would  look  like  in  their  own  communities. 

In  small  groups,  students  were  challenged  to  bring  their learnings  together  and  work  on  a  project  that  could  later be  used  to  take  action  towards  the  causes  that  matter  most to  them,  in  relation  to  the  Summit's  theme.  Simultaneously, our  Faculty  cohort  worked  in  developing  a  curriculum  that could  be  used  in  their  classrooms,  to  expand  student's  skills on  the  subject  of  food  justice.

Guest Speakers

  • Lauren  Ornelas. Founder  and  Board  President,  The  Food  Empowerment Project 
  • Stephen  Ritz. Founder,  Green  Bronx  Machine 
  • Jocelyn  Jackson. Founder,  People's  Kitchen  Collective 
  • Shyaam Shabaka. Board  of  Directors,  Food  First 
  • Jillian  Hishaw. Agricultural  Attorney

Participants’ Voices

Participant feedback is very important to us. Here is a summary of their opinions about the event, provided
on the post-program survey:

On a Scale of 1 to 10…

How would you rate this event?
How would you rate facilitators?
How would you guest speakers?
9  out of 10 participants  would join  a Virtual  Summit again! 


Marwa, participating student

Program Rating: 10

"I really enjoyed communicating with other people my age who come from different places and share our opinions and views, it gives me hope and inspiration as I now know that many other people want to make a change in this world. I also loved listening to the guest speakers as they were very passionate about their work"

Fred, participating student

Program Rating: 9

"Stephen Ritz was by far my favorite part. He was an excellent and inspiring speaker who has obviously made a significant impact on the world and is passionate about teaching young people to do the same. I am looking forward to re watching and sharing his presentation when the recording is sent out."

Audrey, participating student

Program Rating: 10

"I really enjoyed the paying it forward project, because we got to take what we learned and connect it to what we already knew, and it was super motivating to work with other people who cared and were passionate about this issue and be able to learn from them as well."

Glenda, participating faculty

Program Rating: 10

"I liked many parts of this Summit. The pacing was good and provided a change of activity frequently - listening, talking, thinking and doing. There were many opportunities to collaborate and make connections. The website was really nicely laid out and was easy to use. While we were virtual, it still had a bit of the face to face conference feel with the map and changing rooms."