About Envoys

Envoys is a platform for schools to achieve their global education goals. We provide virtual and travel-based experiences that challenge, inspire, and empower students to become better citizens of the world.

Who we are

Envoys is a team of experienced educators who like big ideas, smart collaboration, and intentional design. We partner with schools and teachers to advance learning.

Envoys Summits

Whether students join us virtually or on an in-person travel program, we design with three objectives in mind:

Engage students in exploring and understanding issues of global significance.

We do this from a multiplicity of perspectives and with critical thinking at the forefront.

Help students prepare for the work of the 21st century.

This shows up in both hard skills like digital collaboration, in addition to soft skill development, like how to work collaboratively across cultures.

Provide students with avenues for action.

First, through detailed examples of how others have created change in their communities; and secondly, by structuring experiences so that students are creating solutions to the problems they encounter.

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