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The Summit experience

Middle School and High School students who participate in our summits come to appreciate diverse perspectives, understand their connection to the wider world, respectfully communicate and collaborate across cultures, and use their knowledge and skills to take action on issues of global significance.

Expert speakers

We believe in the power of learning first-hand from other people’s experiences. We also believe students should think critically, and engage in dialogue, with seasoned practitioners, rather than just listen to them. We bring in expert speakers whose lives revolve around the issues at hand so students can better understand the work being done and how they can best contribute.

Intercultural dialogue

In an increasingly globalized world, the skill of cross-cultural communication and respect is essential. Student participants develop their ability to navigate ambiguity, bridge differences and solve problems together. Throughout the summit, we create space and time for students to create meaningful friendships with each other and practice empathy.

Collaborative projects

The work that matters in the 21st century will be performed by small teams utilizing diverse skill sets and technologies to work across geographic, cultural, and temporal boundaries. Each summit culminates with a collaborative ‘pay-it-forward’ project that helps students to bring learning back to campus and home communities and inspire personal, sustained engagement.

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