the faculty experience

More than ever, teachers need creative spaces to connect with peers around issues of global significance and to be inspired together by experts doing real work in the world. We know from experience that teachers thrive when they have opportunities to explore the world beyond the school’s walls, just like students.

Our 2021-2022 Virtual Summit Series provides this opportunity for faculty and administrators. In brief, or summits offer the opportunity to get the best out of collaborating with peers in small groups, hearing from and interacting with expert speakers, and creating projects and interventions to take back to school -- all this within a 7-10 hour experience without ever leaving school or home.

What to expect from the summit?

Who am i
interacting with?

Each summit has three distinct cohorts: a faculty group, a middle school group, and a high school group. While speaker sessions are often attended by all three cohorts, Faculty members break out to interact in target groups from a diverse range of schools and subject areas, and with one interest in common: the central topic of the summit and a focus on pedagogical takeaways. The makeup of each faculty cohort can include teachers from public, charter, independent, and international schools--and Envoys works hard to create breakout groups that thrive on the diversity each member brings.

What do I walk away with?

Falcuty members attending summits can expect to walk away with:


Insights, inspiration, and concrete knowledge


from expert speakers who will come to share real-life personal and professional experiences that contribute to advancing solutions central to the summit theme.


Meaningful connections with faculty members


with diverse perspectives and different backgrounds. Participants are part of rich discussions and thought groups that become a community of learning around the theme.


A curricular extension


that results from a design activity that relates the theme of the summit back to the faculty member’s classroom, subject area, or school community. This extension is designed individually and benefits from a collaborative review process with other peers. Think about it as a short, personalized actionable to be used back in school.


A toolbox of “instruments of inquiry”


such as thinking routines and discussion protocols--some you’ll have heard of before, others will be brand new, others yet will be twists on old classics in classroom education. In addition, faculty leave with a tool for understanding where, when, and how to apply different instruments to different topics.

What is the summit schedule?

Summits are typically run over two days. On Day 1, the group convenes for a welcome session, a keynote speaker, and an initial cohort meeting. This typically takes 1-2 hours. On Day 2, we have a 5-6 hour working session where the cohort works through facilitated sessions, hears from speakers, and engages in collaborative work. All summit schedules are posted on the summit’s website and are identical for students and faculty.