Alejandra Cuberos

Alejandra is a Colombian writer whose love for education was ignited by her deep-rooted passion for learning and reading. With a fervor for storytelling and a firm belief in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's notion of "the danger of the single story," Alejandra dedicates herself to fulfilling Envoys' mission of transforming students into global citizens. Her educational journey began with a degree in Social Communications in her home country, Colombia, where she embarked on a career dedicated to crafting fiction in various forms. Seeking to hone her creative writing skills, she pursued a master's degree in Creative Writing in the vibrant city of Barcelona. When the pandemic prompted her return to Colombia, Alejandra seized the opportunity to share her love for literature and storytelling with elementary school students. It was during this time that she recognized the profound impact of exposing young minds to diverse cultures, realizing how it broadened their horizons and expanded their worldviews. Alejandra's path led her to Envoys, where she now works as a Travel, Service, and Procurement Associate. In this role, she selects the best vendors for each program, ensuring that students receive the most enriching and immersive learning experiences. 

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