Ángela Gómez

Angela Gómez grew up in a family that valued the outdoors. They would often escape the city of Bogotá for her grandparents' country house where Angela spent her days hiking and exploring. Influenced by her mother, a teacher by trade, Angela always found ways of weaving an educational twist into her outdoor adventures. These childhood experiences stuck with Angela, and while studying for her degree, she worked in summer Camps where her creativity, innate leadership, and love of the outdoors were exercised. 

Angela  is the Head of New Ventures at Envoys, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts where she lives with her husband and her daughter.

Additionally, Angela was also a High School teacher in Colombia, and a speaker for open knowledge platforms such as TEDx. She is an Endeavor Entrepreneur since 2016.

Angela received a master’s degree in Education from Harvard University and a degree in Industrial Design at the Universidad de Los Andes.

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