Juan Carlos Ortiz

Juan Carlos is a Colombian student at his final year of Law School. Since he graduated from High School, he has been traveling with groups of students from Colombian schools throughout the country. This evolved from his passion to his professional goals, as he strongly believes that being on ground with students it can make the world a better place.

Juan Carlos has worked as Analyst of Risk Management of Off Bound Adventures, and was employee for a year in a Law Firm of Antitrust Law. He is intertest in the indigenous rights and the dispute that can bring when it merges with the big cities. Also, he wants to scope Law into the responsability of the companies that travel with student throughout the world.   

At the same time, Juan Carlos has a rock band where he plays drums every Wendesday at night. Also, he plays piano, ukelele, accordion, bongos, and a little harmonica. Whenever he has time, he tries to learn something new or goes to dive in the nearest beach to Bogota.

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