Natalia Tellez

Natalia is an accomplished Music Business graduate and a talented Singer/Songwriter, boasting over 9 years of expertise in marketing, community management, and logistics. She has collaborated with prominent entertainment businesses in both the United States and Colombia, playing integral roles in their marketing and logistical operations. Her remarkable achievements have earned her widespread recognition, and she graduated as the Valedictorian of her bachelor's program at Full Sail University. Natalia has also graced Colombian national television and various stages across Colombia and the United States with her soul-touching music.

What sets Natalia apart is her commitment to creating music that transcends gender boundaries and adheres to her project's and life's guiding principle: "Live Without Tags."

In August, Natalia embarked on a new journey, joining Envoys as a TSP Associate. Her role involves orchestrating programs across the globe, where she plays a crucial part in ensuring that students have unforgettable educational experiences. These excursions are designed to do more than just offer enjoyment and a chance to explore different locales. They aim to empower students to become agents of change in the world by immersing them in diverse cultures and realities. Natalia firmly believes that her involvement with this team can drive tangible and meaningful social impact on a global scale.

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