Santiago Durán

Hello, I'm Santiago Duran, a Business Administrator navigating the intricacies of marketing and technology. My professional journey has delved into logistics, data analysis, and marketing, honing my expertise in these dynamic fields.

Since September, I've been a key player in the Envoys team as a TSP Associate, delving into the meticulous logistics of our global programs. Steering the details that shape these experiences, my focus is on making a meaningful impact on the lives of children worldwide.

Off the clock, you'll find me exploring new places, favoring authentic local experiences over touristy vibes. Professionally, whether navigating boardroom discussions, diving into data analysis, or orchestrating marketing strategies, I seamlessly blend academic proficiency with practical know-how. I'm not just a professional; I'm a driven individual, passionate about making a positive difference, tackling each task with a neutral yet focused mindset.

Whether stationed at my desk, exploring a new city, or strategically mapping out the next move at Envoys, my commitment remains steadfast—getting the job done with precision and purpose, always striving to make a meaningful impact where it matters most.

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