Envoys exists to expand the bounds of possibility for global education in partnership with schools. We believe global understanding is core—not peripheral—to a student's academic and personal development. The knowledge, skills, and mindsets of a global citizen are not only vital for the future but also vital for our own personal development. To do this, we must help students learn how to think, not what to think.

After years of partnering with schools to evolve global education, we have shaped over fifteen Workshops and Consulting offerings to serve administrators and teachers in their work with students. The offerings reflect specific focus areas that are determinative for the success of an institution's programs, whether they fall into the domains of Risk Management, Education, or Logistics.

Envoys' commitment to customization is especially visible in our Workshops and Consulting, and any of these offerings can be customized to best fit a school's timeline, needs, andpriorities.

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